BBQ Bricks

Lokkii Barbecue Bricks are composed of a unique blend of recycled charcoal, anthracite coal and organic materials.

Lokkii Barbecue Bricks light as fast as gas, with Lokkii 100% Organic Light formula which does not transfer a chemical taste into the food you eat!

Lokkii’s innovative compact design allows for easy carrying and storage.
Just two Lokkii Bricks is equivalent to a 5lb bag of traditional charcoal.
Each Brick is individually wrapped and therefore is cleaner to handle.

For more healthy grilling with a great BBQ flavor choose Lokkii’s Barbecue Bricks for family picnics, camping, tailgating or just entertaining at home!

Fast, Clean, Green.
100% Organic
Ignites instantly
Burns for a minimum of 2 hours at 11,500 BTUs
Ready to cook in 12-15 minutes
Mild woody scent, no after taste on food
Same original BBQ flavor without the chemical after taste
Easy to pack and carry
Individually vacuum sealed for organics preservation
No ignition fuels needed
Patent pending thermodynamic design spreads heat evenly
Packaging may vary due to regulations and compliances, as required in certain countries
Q1. What makes Lokkii natural charcoal bricks organic? Q5. How long do I have to wait until the Lokkii bricks are hot enough to begin cooking?
The bricks are composed of a patent pending plant-derived lighting formula that does not contain any harmful chemicals. They do not contain any petro-chemicals or nitrates, unlike most of the traditional charcoals on the market. Lokkii bricks light from 100% organic based materials and release fewer toxins, which are harmful to the environment. The Lokkii bricks reach optimum cooking temperature in about 12-15 minutes, depending on the climate. If you are cooking in a very cold climate, it may take a few more minutes, but in a hot climate you may be ready to cook in less time. The bricks will have a red glow to them when they are hot enough to begin cooking.
Q2. How healthy are Lokkii natural charcoal bricks compared to traditional charcoal? Q6. How hot do the bricks burn?
Much healthier! Lokkii bricks have been independently tested and are certified to be 100% organic by internationally recognized testing laboratories. Traditional instant light charcoals contain cancer-causing agents such as petro-chemicals or nitrates. Each Lokkii bricks burn at approximately 350F+ (11,500+ BTU’s), which is equivalent to a regular gas burner on a gas grill. The high temperature sears the meat, seals in the juices and grills the food to perfection.
Q3.How do I light the Lokkii brick? Q7. What should I do with the leftover ash after the brick is completely burnt?
Lokkii bricks are clearly marked with a sticker that says ‘light this side’. Open the vacuum-sealed pack and place a match on the center vent ‘O’ for a few seconds. The brick will light naturally and the flame will move across the top surface for around 30 seconds. First be absolutely sure that the ash/residue is completely cool. Then you can dispose of the white clean ash in nearby soil or a waste bin. Please note: if disposing into soil, different plants react differently to ash or various fertilizers. The ash is not harmful but may upset the requirements of certain species of plants.
Q4. How many bricks should I use? Q8. What is the shelf life of the Lokkii bricks?
This depends on the grill size, cut of meat, air temperature and weather conditions. Typically 2-3 Lokkii bricks will be sufficient for an 18-22” grill. Lokkii bricks are individually vacuum-sealed ensuring a long shelf life. Once the vacuum pack is opened the bricks should be used immediately.
Store the bricks in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.